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Inspired by the way cardboard boxes overlapping their sides to close, Tangram is a one piece stack-and-lock coffee table which requires no extra fittings to keep the table together. The customer plays a very active role to choose and combine the different color pieces he prefers the most to customize this modern luxury slim-line coffee table.

The Table itself is folded from a flat sheet and made of machined steel. The profile is being cut out via laser cut and CNC manufacturing processing for production. The bending is undertaken by hammerle
3-point bender, every folding is 90 degrees and the minimum bending radius is 0.5mm. After all the folds, R0.5 fillets will be applied to each edges of the profile.

Client / 

Melbourne Movement


Design / 

Furniture Design


Dimensions / 

L920 x W920 x H460mm

Finishes / 


Mild Steel, 5mm Thick,
Coat with Paint

Year / 


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