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Branding Guidelines

R&F Square

R&F Square is a new concept shopping mall, aiming to push city lifestyle into the future. We take entertainment, public space, community, retail and office space to a new level of urban sophistication - creating a new city centre.

R&F Square is a mixed-use retail facility, offering unique and exciting retail experience food and beverage and live events space. A new landmark, we presenting innovative lifestyle in a comfortable, approachable environment that serves as a community centre and encourages social interaction.

Working as one of the Benoy graphic team members, we are hired to design the brand identity together with branding guidelines and marketing collateral. The concept of the brand is inspired by the existing company (R&F Properties) continuously improving services and qualities in order to transform the city with their properties.

By using the word of "力" as the basis for the design, highlighting the extraordinary power of cohesion and strength of vision. The design style of the brand employs a concise way to reflect the strength, energy and a promising future.

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