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Holey Snake

Polypropylene lighting has been overdone; Holey Snake is designed in a different way as sculptural lighting with its dynamic shape.

Holey Snake is folded from a flat sheet of semi-translucent polypropylene with taps to lock. It composes of 38-repeated triangles on one sheet of polypropylene. All triangles are equilateral with the length of 250mm, 100mm diameter die-cut circles sit in the middle of each triangles. The symmetrical form creates visual movement around the light and forms a three-dimensional dynamic shape. The bulbs incorporate into the design illuminating within the holes.


In 2008, Holey Snake exhibited under Melbourne Movement at Salone Satelite, Milan International Furniture Fair 2008. Same year, it is recommended by as a "must see item".

Client / 

Melbourne Movement


Design / 

Lighting Design


Dimensions / 

L500 x W500 x H500mm

Finishes / 


Polypropylene, 2mm Thick,
Matt Finishing

Year / 


Achievements / 

[ 2008 ]

Exhibited under Melbourne Movement at Salone Satellite, Milan International Furniture Fair 2008.

​[​ 2008 ]

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